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Unfortunately, by now we all either know someone or know of someone who has been killed or seriously injured after an accident caused as a result of sending or reading text messages while driving. It is a tragic waste of precious lives for no real significant reason. Here at we are doing our part to help bring awareness to this growing issue by taking part in a national campaign to help stop these senseless tragedies from occurring in the future.

Many states have instituted laws that restrict texting while driving and it is forecast that these same laws will be accepted in all 50 states in the near future. Typically both thumbs are used when people are sending text messages and this makes the thumb the most visible finger during this activity. Custom Printed Stop Texting Thumb Bands will be boldly visible in the eyes of the sender when they are wearing these Thumb Bands. You can help make a statement of awareness to this cause by purchasing your own custom silicone thumb rings! With a minimum quantity of only 50 No Texting Rings, your campaign, club, organization, awareness group, corporation, or family and friends can all proudly wear these as a reminder to themselves and others of the need to refrain from this potentially life threatening habit. Customize your Thumb Bracelets with just about any text or logo that you want and get your thoughts on thumbs everywhere! Call us Toll Free - 1-800-930-1260 Today, or Send in a Free Quote Request, or feel free design and order your Custom Silicone Thumb Rings Online. The piece of mind you will have from doing your part to save lives will many times overcome the small investment paid by your order.

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