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Three Quarter Inch Wristbands 1
Three Quarter Inch Wristbands 3
Three Quarter Inch Wristbands 2

3/4 Inch Wristbands

3/4" Wristbands available in three band types

When one-inch bands are too big, and the standard ½-inch bands are too small, choose ¾-inch wristbands! You’ll have more room for a larger design, while still not being too big. ¾-inch wristbands are becoming increasingly popular in the music industry, usually featuring the name of a band or musical artist. Available in the debossed, debossed painted, and silk screen styles, we have something for every need. With more room for your design, you’re able to make it really stand out! We’re also here to help, so if you can’t decide on a design, we’ll work together to make your wristbands the best they can be. Choose ¾-inch wristbands for when the standard-sized bands just aren’t enough!

  • Free Shipping (USA 50+ Quantities)
  • No Minimum Quantity - Rushes Available
  • No Setup, Mold, or Character Fees
  • 1 Color Wristband With Logos/Text
  • Free Design, Pantone Color Matching & Proof

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